CAR T-Cell Therapy

In the recent decade, adoptive cellular immunotherapy has gained special prominence, so that rapid progress in the field, particularly with Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T cells, has led to tremendous investment of industry sector. Apparently, academic and institutional research play an important role in the scientific development in the sector, and ushers the industry. However, the translation from scientific research to the industry is extremely challenging, calling for sophisticated expertise.

SABZ Biomedical offers several contract services for research and development of adoptive cellular immunotherapy, particularly CAR-T cell therapies, with a team of highly dedicated experts in research, development and manufacturing advanced cell therapies. Thus, our mission is to assist you in every step to develop your own CAR T cell therapy platform, from preclinical research to clinical trials. In this regard, SABZ Biomedicals is pleased to share its extensive experience acquired during the development of CAR-T technology at several levels: