Clinical Trial Services

To help meet increasing demand for CAR T cell clinical trials, SABZ Biomedicals’ Clinical Trials Office facilitates translation of successive CAR-T cell platforms into the clinic by consulting and designing clinical trials. Along with our cGMP adaptability platform which suits clinical-grade manufacturing, SABZ would be an ideal partner for clinical trials in CAR T cell therapy. Access to standard cleanrooms, communication with the clinical departments and, above all, technical knowledge for the design and implementation of cell therapy processes, allows the company to properly manage these trials. Our clinical trial support service can help you during any stage of trial design, product development, and clinical testing including:

  • Trial Design consultation in accordance with GCP Principles
  • Consult for registering clinical trials in local and international trial registries
  • cGMP compliance of CAR T cell therapy
  • Biobanking and Biopreservation