Animal Facility Services

As in vivo biosafety and in vivo efficacy has to be evaluated in CAR T cell development, animal research and animal research facilities are indispensable to CAR T cell enterprise. Usually, in vivo testing assays of CAR T cell-based therapies are performed on human tumor models established in highly immunodeficient mice (e.g. NOG or NSG mice) and thus require strict barrier practices and aseptic technique which are possible in highly isolated and ventilated housing systems. SABZ Biomedicals is a company specialized in the manufacturing, installation and servicing of animal laboratory instrumentation and portable cleanrooms for immunodeficient mouse strains. The company also provides animal transfer services particularly for immunodeficient mice which require extra caring during transportation. Further services on animal studies include:

  • Consultancy on selecting the right strain for animal models
  • Providing cancer cell line for establishing human tumors in mice
  • Advice on animal studies and the provision of appropriate tumor models for CAR T cell studies
  • Corresponding with the laboratory animal sales company to provide suitable models for CAR T cell studies.
  • Consultancy on designing and preparing clean rooms for immunodeficient mice housing.
  • Portable Cleanroom provision and delivery.